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It all started when I met my wife, or should I say when I met my father-in-law. He was a cattle rancher, worm farmer and fly fisherman and if I wanted to marry his daughter I needed to do all those things too. So I did. It was a family affair, to this day my wife is still a better fisher(wo)man than me. There is nothing more peaceful than being on the water in the early hours of the day, just you, the ones you love and the fish. And even on the days where you do more fishing than...

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The Patagonia region of Argentina has been referred to as a trout fishing Mecca, so when my buddy Casey Long, the booking agent for Estancia Laguna Verde lodge, invited us to come and film in Southern Argentina it was a prompt response of “when do we leave?” Patagonia has always been known for wonderful trout fishing, but Lake Strobel, aka “Jurassic Lake“ is the ultimate place to chase the biggest rainbow trout of your life! After a long and arduous 8,200 mile journey by air, we arrived in the small airport of El Calafate, Argentina where our guides for the...

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