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The Future of Fly Fishing Gear
Travel and Fishing

Fly fishing is a tradition enjoyed by anglers for centuries. Currently, the world of fly fishing gear is on a transformative journey. This pursuit combines timeless tradition with the latest advancements in technology, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for anglers. In this blog, we will explore the various trends and...

Why I love to Fly Fish
Travel and Fishing

It all started when I met my wife, or should I say when I met my father-in-law. He was a cattle rancher, worm farmer and fly fisherman and if I wanted to marry his daughter I needed to do all those things too. So I did. It was a family...

Patagonia, Argentina
Travel and Fishing

The Patagonia region of Argentina has been referred to as a trout fishing Mecca, so when my buddy Casey Long, the booking agent for Estancia Laguna Verde lodge, invited us to come and film in Southern Argentina it was a prompt response of “when do we leave?” Patagonia has always...

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