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- Rod and reel combo
- Fly line and backing
- Leader and tippet
- Flies as well as a fly box

It all comes down to a science; whatever will keep you in the river, wear it. We suggest:

-Boots – Wading boots were made to be in the water since they drain excess water quickly. They will keep you stable and dry, providing optimal traction as well.

-An extra pair of shoes – While some might think this item is “just in case,” your wading boots will need some time to flush out water. After you fish and remove your wet boots, you’ll need dry footwear.

-Waders – These are waterproof boots that provide protection from your feet all the way up to your upper body. Look for lightweight yet tough. We offer plenty to choose from, no matter if you’re looking for waist or chest waders.

-Quick-drying pants to wear underneath your waders.

-A Fly fishing shirt – We recommend button down shirts for maximum versatility. They offer pockets for storage as well as an additional layer in case it’s chilly.

-A T-shirt – Dressing in layers is essential when it comes to fly fishing. T-shirts are great to wear underneath jackets or button-down shirts because they will act as a moisture-wicking layer.

-Socks – Combine polyester socks with your wading socks to ensure you won’t have wet, soggy feet. Don’t forget to always have extra pairs with you.

-For colder fishing, choose a vest or jacket – We have jackets featuring breathable materials that offer storage for some of your gear.

-A hat – If you’re fly fishing in the heat, having a hat works wonders because it wicks away the sweat and helps you to see exactly what’s going on.

We always strive to ship same-day, so it depends where you live. If you live on the West Coast, you should receive your package within one to two days. East Coast residents will usually receive their order within three to five days.

We pay the freight on orders over $100.00, otherwise, freight charges are your responsibility.

You can return any Adamsbuilt Fishing product due to a manufacturing defect for repair or replacement up to one year (or our discretion) after purchase.

Waders can be returned for repair at any time during the life of the material. If waders cannot be repaired, we will replace them at our discretion. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear.

All our products were made to perform. If our products fail because of a manufacturing defect, you can return them for repairs or replacement.

Adamsbuilt Guarantee

All Adamsbuilt brand products are guaranteed to do what we say they will do!

If our products fail due to a manufacturing defect, Adamsbuilt will either repair or replace them at our discretion.

NOTE: This warranty does not cover abuse, improper care, accidents or the normal breakdown of materials over time. All defective or damaged products should be returned to us with proof of purchase, or to the dealer where they were purchased for evaluation.

Best customer service!!!

Adamsbuilt has the best customer service. They are always there to answer a question. Also if you send waders in for repair they called me and the person who did the repair was the one who talked with me about it. It's really nice to actually talk with someone now a day. Your team at Adamsbuilt rock!!

- Christian Chin
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